If you're a jewelry junkie (or even a jewelry novice) you've got to check out Rocksbox! It's unlimited designer jewelry handpicked for you and sent directly to your door each month. You pick what you like and have the option to buy at 20% off, or you can wear your gems for as long as you want and, when you're ready, swap them out for something new. So how does it work? You fill out a simple style survey and rank your current comfort level with jewelry from beginner to aficionado, pick out styles you're likely to wear, add pieces you're lusting over to a wish list, and then sit back and wait for your box to arrive. You get three pretty pieces in a pretty little box with absolutely no obligations to buy. If you're instantly swooning and have to have it--buy it. If you want to take it for a test drive--wear it. If you decide you're not feeling it--send it back. I know for me, I'll buy a piece I "have to have" and then end up only wearing it a few times, so it's kind of an awesome way to have an ever changing selection of fresh and exciting pieces to choose from. You can trade in your box as often as you like!!

In my first box, I got some great pieces that were definitely true to my style. I really LOVE them all and appreciate that they're my style, but are also unlike anything I already own. Included in my box were a Vanessa Mooney cuff, a Gorjana charm necklace, and an exclusive Slate necklace! 

If you're interested in checking them out and signing up for your first box (which I highly recommend) I'm happy to say I can offer you a free month's membership! Just use code "tylerxoxo" at checkout! Woop! Happy Rocksboxing! ;)

Thanks for reading!