90's Inspired With Boohoo

Shop the Look Below. Sweater: c/o  Boohoo . Skirt: c/o  Boohoo.  Knee High Socks: c/o  Boohoo . Shoes:  Cole Haan . Bag (can be worn 3 ways!):  Sole Society . Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban . Watch:  Michael Kors. 

Shop the Look Below. Sweater: c/o Boohoo. Skirt: c/o Boohoo. Knee High Socks: c/o Boohoo. Shoes: Cole Haan. Bag (can be worn 3 ways!): Sole Society. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Watch: Michael Kors. 


I am a total 90's baby. Well, technically I was born in '88, so I guess that would that make me an 80's baby? Probably, but whatever. Anyway, I'm pretty much totally a 90's baby who just happened to be born in the 80's. There. I grew up in the 90's and some of my fondest memories come from being a 90's kid. If you yourself are a 90's kid, I know you will relate to these 50 Signs That You Grew Up in the 90's. 

I got to channel my inner 90's kid with Boohoo.com in honor of their collaboration with Charli XCX and the launch of her new collection for them. Check out Charli XCX 4 Boohoo here. Honestly, there are so many ways I could have gone with this from The Spice Girls to 90's grunge, but I was ultimately inspired by Rachel Green from Friends (duh) and one of my favorite 90's movies, Clueless. Can anyone else recite the whole movie as you're watching or.....? 

Tartan (aka plaid) is like...totally 90's, but is also back in a big way. This little skirt from Boohoo gets a 90's nod with knee high socks and a turtleneck sweater, but is still completely wearable, especially if you swapped out the socks for knee high boots. And hello...this skirt is only $10. There's also an adorable one in the Charli XCX Collection that's only $20! See a few more of my favorites from the collection below.

Oh, and my Boohoo box also came with a slap bracelet and Lip Smacker. I was pretty amused. Disclaimer: I did NOT actually put the Lip Smacker on my lips. I was honestly scared, but did anyone else spend what felt like hours in the Bonne Bell section of the drugstore as a kid? It took a long time to pick out your favorite flavored chapstick am I right? 

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And now...let's get 90's nostalgic. 

Thanks for reading! I have to go feed my Tamagotchi now. ;)