Sweet Summer Dress and Sheinside Review

Shop the Look Below. Dress: c/o SheIn. Shoes: ASOS. Bag: Forever 21. Bracelet and Necklace (my favorite initial necklace: c/o BaubleBar. Sunglasses: c/o Lola Accessory Boutique.

Shop the Look Below. Dress: c/o SheIn. Shoes: ASOS. Bag: Forever 21. Bracelet and Necklace (my favorite initial necklace: c/o BaubleBar. Sunglasses: c/o Lola Accessory Boutique.

I have been LIVING in dresses this summer (if you haven't noticed) and honestly it's a bit odd to me, because I am a self-professed jeans girl through and through. But as much as I want to wear jeans all summer long, I also don't want to die. From the heat. So I've been picking up more and more dresses to get me through the hotter months and I've probably gotten more in this single summer than I have over the last couple years. Crazy. You've also probably noticed that a lot of them have been from SheIn (formerly SheInsde), and I wanted to take a moment to review them, since I get a lot of questions about buying from their site. So here we go...

The biggest thing I love about SheIn is the prices. Seriously, it's kind of insane how you can easily walk away (err--sit at your computer and then after shipping and handling walk away?) with 10 pieces for under $100 total. INSANE! What I've found is that their prices really inspire me to try new trends and fun styles that I might not normally. IE: Dresses. It might sound silly, but I would probably never go into a store and buy five dresses, because well--they're just not typically my go-to outfit and I'd rather invest in jeans that I'll always wear rather than a handful of dresses. HOWEVER, at $10-$25 per item, it's a really great way to snag pieces you wouldn't normally buy or try trends you've been curious about. 

With that being said, I'm not naive to the fact that a $15 dress isn't going to be as high quality as a $40, $50+ one. I am constantly being asked about quality and if SheIn is a reputable site. And yes--they are definitely reputable. It's not a scam. You'll get your clothes, though it does tend to take longer, so plan for that. What I have noticed is that sometimes items don't come exactly as I pictured them. I'll picture it one way and then it's often slightly different fabric, etc. I've never had any major quality issues, but I have recently had a couple buttons fall off, loose strings, etc, that's kind of a bummer, but never anything that has ruined my shopping experience with them. I've had some pieces where the fit was definitely off, but I can't really fault them on that. I wanted to share a few things I've noticed and hopefully some ways to help you get the most of your SheIn experience.

This one's kind of obvious, but before I settle on a piece I make sure to read reviews. Often times people will post real life pictures of themselves in the item and that helps a TON. Often I'll think I like a piece only to see it in a review and you can tell that it looks a little sheerer or shorter....or the print or fabric looks different. That's one major thing I think about now. A lot of the printed pieces for example that may look intricate or embroidered....are not. It seems to me that many of their pieces are knock-off's or replicas and often the photos shown are of the real, full price item and not the items you're going to receive. Does that make sense? So you're getting a bootleg version of some designer piece. 

I think a lot of it is really just managing your expectations. You get to try out a new trend or snag a dress that you've been lusting over, but it may not be quite as perfect and high quality as you thought. But you know what? It was $10. Or $20. Or whatever! And you get to wear it and love it and maybe have to re-sew a button. I'm totally fine with that if it means I just bought like 10 things for less than $100. Right?? If you're looking to invest in high quality pieces that will last forever then definitely move along. If you want to add some pieces to your wardrobe for the season then try them out. 

Another tip is to check out their Instagram before you buy. They almost always have a promo running with a coupon code--such as INST33 for 33% off--something like that. 

Ok, last but not least...sorry for the novel. I always tend to go with the smallest size, but I know a lot of people who size up. I typically go off the size charts and that has been working out for me, but if you're ever between sizes or unsure then I'd probably size up, especially if it's something like polyester rather than knit with stretch. For me though being so small (wahh, sorry!) I often have the opposite problem. 

Anywayyyyyy, I'm really loving this sweet summer dress and this happens to be one where I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, which also does happen! It's a great weight and length and is even LINED, which is awesome. I totally spaced at photographing the back, but it has the same cross detailing only DEEPER and we know I love a back flaunt! Let me know if you ever have any more questions or concerns about ordering!

Thanks for reading!