TruFusion Workout in Vegas

TruFusion Aerial Yoga

Happy Monday, friends! I'm so excited to finally share details from my experience at TruFusion during my trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago. Coming home just a few days before the devastating shooting was such a surreal experience and I've been keeping the city in my thoughts after such a tragedy. 

Heading to Vegas for pretty much my first "blogger trip" was an exciting moment for me but, if I'm being completely honest, it was also really challenging on my self-esteem. Meeting and being around other bloggers is amazing yet I still found myself worrying, stressing and comparing. 

I was worried about what I would wear, how I would look in my workout clothes, how on EARTH I was going to get content while sweating, all on top of just hoping I'd make it through the workouts. I like to consider myself a pretty fit person but my usual workouts have taken a hit this year and I'm used to working out in the comfort of my own home, in front of a fitness instructor on my AppleTV and definitely NOT in front of Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez. 

As intimidating as the thought was, I feel like it's so important to push yourself and find motivation even in the unknown and I'm so thankful TruFusion got me out of my comfort zone. 

TruFusion Aerial Yoga

We started the day with aerial yoga which was something completely new to me. I was a bit worried about upper-body strength (or lack thereof) and coordination (again, major lack thereof) but it turned out to be my absolute favorite part of the day. I loved getting to learn a few poses and our instructor was amazing. She made me feel completely comfortable and secure with the movements we were doing.

This is a workout I can definitely see being great for stretching and improving flexibility but I also just felt like it was a good stress-reliever and the perfect way to start the day. Have you tried it?

TruFusion Aerial Yoga
TruFusion Aerial Yoga
TruFusion Aerial Yoga
Trufusion Aerial Yoga

Our aerial yoga class lasted about an hour and after that, we had a snack and water break before gearing up for our next class. The TruFusion studio is incredible and they actually have a juice and smoothie bar inside, which was really nice. I filled up with a protein-packed chocolate banana shake and we got to sit down with Alex Rodriguez and hear him talk about his partnership with TruFusion before heading to our boot camp.

Tru Fusion
TruFusion Bootcamp Class

This is the workout we got to do with J.Lo and A-Rod and it's TruFusion's signature bootcamp. When I learned this class was heated, I have to admit I was pretty nervous. A "bootcamp" on its own sounds intimidating but adding heat takes it to a whole new level.

We got to set up our mats with everything we needed for the class (free weights, kettlebell, etc) and waited for the room to pack with people. Did I mention the majority of these people were also backup dancers for J.Lo and Access Hollywood was filming the entire class?? 

As nervous as I know several of us girls were, this class ended up being really awesome and even a lot of fun. The workout itself felt great and was the perfect combination of yoga, pilates, kettlebells and other movements and also incorporated some dance moves to mix it up and keep it fresh and fun. I'm proud to say I finished the class and even kept up but it was also clear that you were perfectly welcome to go at your own pace.

TruFusion Bootcamp

The thing I loved about TruFusion was that it's not a "one trick pony" fitness center. You don't have to only join a yoga studio. Or only sign up for spin class. You're not limited to Barre or Pilates or boot camps. You have it all under one roof and you get to pick and choose what makes sense for you, encouraging you to Find Your Edge. They have over 65 different styles of classes and a membership gets you unlimited access to all of them, so you can mix it up as much as you want.

TruFusion is set to open up new locations next year—including San Francisco!—so I definitely recommend checking them out and taking a peek at some of the classes they offer. I really think it's great for everyone.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

xx, Tyler

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