A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen our quick getaway to Carmel! It’s been one of my favorite places to visit since I was a kid (we’ve always made a trip around the holidays) and, this year, we got to spend a weekend there for a family wedding. And it was wonderful. :)

Carmel is definitely a place that sparks a lot of nostalgia for me. We tend to go to the same spots with every trip but I wanted to share some of our favorites plus a few things to do in Carmel in case you’re planning your own visit.

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Where We Stayed

Since we have dogs, we now (of course) exclusively stay somewhere that allows them. Carmel is incredibly dog-friendly, so it’s fun to bring them and it’s not difficult to find places they’re allowed. We ended up at Carmel Garden Inn, which is a great location just at the edge (and up a few blocks) from Ocean Avenue.

It’s an adorable bed & breakfast with quintessential, quaint Carmel charm—cottage vibes, fireplaces and florals. If you can snag a room with a patio, I would highly recommend it!

Obviously, you still can’t leave your dog unattended in your room. On a normal trip, we’d take them everywhere with us (restaurants included) but since we were in Carmel for a wedding, we ended up using Rover for a pet sitter, which I highly recommend!

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Ever since I was little, we’ve been going to Pâtisserie Boissiere as the first stop upon our Carmel arrival. My parents always ordered the French Onion Soup (add sherry) and it’s only been in my recent adult years that I’ve finally enjoyed (and craved!) it myself!

An adorable setting for French country food, this is the perfect place to stop for brunch, lunch or a quick pastry bite. They do also serve dinner, though we’ve never been! For a light lunch, we split a seafood sandwich on a croissant and (bien sûr/of course) added the French Onion Soup.

Bonus: they’re dog-friendly! They’ll pop you into a perfect little section at the back.

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com
A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com
A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

There’s nothing quite like Carmel’s charm. A walk from the Inn to downtown will greet you with plenty of flower stops and photo ops. In the mornings, walk downtown to grab your morning cup at one of many coffee stops. We picked up coffees + breakfast sandwiches at Cafe Carmel and walked across the street to Carmel Plaza to enjoy it outside on the patio with the dogs. There are plenty of tables + a plethora of opportunities to window shop!

Carmel Plaza gives me so much nostalgia because it’s where we used to see Santa (the real one 😂) around Christmas time. If you’re able, Carmel during the holidays is a must!

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com
A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

The actual wedding was at a beautiful and historic church followed by reception atop Il Fornaio restaurant. This was the perfect location to catch a beach + sunset view. Absolutely stunning and easy to grab a drink there if you’re looking for a quick stop. It’s connected to Pine Inn which is another great option to stay downtown.

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

It was a bit of a whirlwind weekend with all the wedding events and family gatherings but a trip to Carmel Beach was a non-negotiable. It’s dog-friendly (they can be off-leash!) and the dogs LOVE it. Weather in Carmel is pretty mild (it definitely gets cold) but when the sun is out and you’ve just walked from one end of Ocean Avenue to the beach, you’ll be plenty warmed up. With that being said, I just generally always bring a layer any time of year—though we do always tend to go from Oct-Dec. I packed my essentials: jeans + cashmere tee + comfy layer.

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

On our last morning, we had breakfast at the Inn (veggie frittata, hard-boiled eggs and pastries) and then grabbed a quick smoothie before heading back home. We tried Carmel Belle and their smoothie selection was wonderful.

A Quick Wedding Weekend in Carmel | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Recap + More To Do:

• We stayed at Carmel Garden Inn & it’s adorable. I recommend trying to get a room with a patio if you can.

• Carmel is very dog-friendly but we used Rover for a pet sitter during the wedding events and had an amazing experience!

• Have lunch at Patisserie Boissiere. Get the French Onion Soup. Also dog-friendly!

• Window shop at Carmel Plaza. Beautiful around the holidays!

• A lot of the places we eat have a nostalgia factor for me but we love: Little Napoli for dinner, Grasings Restaurant has a pet-friendly patio for dinner, The Tuck Box is cute/quaint for breakfast

• Cottage of Sweets for after-dinner chocolates 😋

• Pop into all the cute shops on Ocean Avenue

  • Check out the Cypress Inn and Carmel Mission

As always, thank you so much for reading, and if you have a Carmel-by-the-sea trip planned—enjoy!!

xo Tyler

The Outfits

5 Things to Do in San Francisco

5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com

If you’re going to San Francisco....

5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com

...be sure to take a jacket!

5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Living in the Bay Area, there’s certainly no lack of things to do. Whether you head north to Napa Valley, explore the city or visit the East Bay, you really have a vast array of options. From beach days to nature hikes; city life to wine country. It’s honestly an incredible area I truly feel lucky to both live in and be from. 

Growing up in the suburbs of the East Bay (about 25 miles outside San Francisco), a trip into “the city” was always a treat and something I was able to start doing “on my own” in high school. We would take the train in for a shopping trip in Union Square. In college, we’d meet “in the city” for drinks when everyone was back home. And in my few single years after college, it seemed like the only place to meet people was “in the city.” 

Fast forward to now and I started going “into the city” less and less. Call it having less free time or more “wanting to spend your free time with Netflix, your dogs and a murder documentary” but, somehow, over the years, it happened. 

But on a Saturday in the middle of February, after almost a month of rain and being cooped up inside, Patricia Nash Designs inspired me to take a trip...into the city. 

5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Aa a brand inspired by discovery, Patricia Nash values both wonder and wander and her designs are inspired by her own travels, memories, people and places she cherishes. With meticulous craftsmanship and loving design, her handbags, footwear and accessories are perfect to take you through your own everyday travels and adventures. Plus everything in between.

For me, a day trip to San Francisco entails plenty of walking. I’m sure you’ve all heard of its infamous hills. I slipped into these Fia Loafers for the first time and was instantly amazed at their level of comfort. Memory foam flats? Yep! Memory foam flats that feel like you’re walking on a cloud. We were able to walk through the Marina and uphill through Pacific Heights with ease.

I also took along her Raffia Meldola Satchel which is both spacious and beautifully crafted with unique details. I absolutely love the acrylic tortoise-shell-effect handles. It also has plenty of pocket space, along with a detachable strap and scarf.

Of course, if you’re heading into the city, layers are a must. San Francisco and the entire Bay Area is made up of microclimates, meaning you can go from cold to hot to windy and pretty much everything in between. Keep in mind, the closer you get to the water, the colder it can be. Overall though, San Francisco weather is pretty mild.

5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com
5 Things to Do in San Francisco | www.girlmeetsgold.com

We spent our day in the Marina, grabbed coffee, picked up flowers, meandered up through Pacific Heights and caught a tiny bit of the Chinese New Year parade all while enjoying this beautiful city and each other’s company. And it was glorious.

And without further ado, whether you’re a Bay Area Native like me or visiting this city by the Bay for your first time, here’s 5 things to do in San Francisco…

No. 1 Meander Through the Marina:

If you’re looking for a place to start in San Francisco, try the Marina. You can catch a picturesque view of the Golden Gate just as easily as you can grab coffee and brunch, pick up fresh flowers and do some boutique shopping. Make your way up towards Pacific Heights and The Presidio for quintessential SF mansions and city views. 

No. 2 Bike Across the Golden Gate:

Everyone should do this at least once. We did this for my 27th birthday to check something off my bucket list and it was truly an exhilarating feeling and incredible experience. It’s easy to rent bikes from plenty of places, depending on how far you feel like biking. Tip: once you head across the bridge, grab a drink in Sausalito and take the ferry back. Also Tip: the bridge is incredibly windy. Why I didn’t realize this, I have no idea. It’s San Francisco.

No. 3 Play Tourist at Fisherman’s Wharf 

If you took the ferry back from Sausalito, you’ll end up at The Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. Brave the crowds and play tourist. With Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll have plenty of water (or seal) views. Tip: this is also a great area if you want to spend a rainy day indoors. There’s both the Exploratorium and Aquarium. You can even go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum if that’s your thing. Or, grab clam chowder and a lobster roll at Hog Island or Pier 23 plus an Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista. You’ll also be really close to Ghirardelli Square. You can catch a cable car and take it all the way to Powell Street. 

No. 4 Go Shopping in Union Square

If you took the cable car from Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll find yourself hitting the end of the line at Powell Street and the heart of Union Square. Take some time to meander through Westfield Mall or simply walk up towards Union Square for a day of downtown shopping. 

No. 5 Take in the SF Views

For when you’re just in it for the #PhotoOp, San Francisco has plenty of places to take in the views or get a gram-worthy shot. Try Twin Peaks, Hawk Hill, Alamo Square, Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Kirby Cove for a swing that overlooks the Bay, or grab drinks at a high-rise like Top of the Mark or The View Lounge at the Marriott. End with dinner at The Cliff House or Waterbar. 

As always, thank you for reading. Have you spent time in San Francisco?

XO Tyler


Special thanks to Patricia Nash Designs for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test


If you are someone who struggles with unexplained, sometimes “chronic” symptoms you never seem to be able to pinpoint…or maybe notice a wax/wane, ebb & flow pattern thinking maybe, just maybe…you’re on the right track, eating the right foods, taking the right supplements…just to have it all stop making sense again….then I feel you. I feel like I’ve gone through it all…but completely blind. To be honest, this isn’t something I ever talk about on Instagram but behind the scenes, in real life—I’ve been on a wellness quest to figure out why my body just isn’t feeling—right. And to be even more honest and transparent, have become somewhat frustrated by doctors citing stress as the cause of everything, or wanting to jump to medications without really addressing the root cause or acknowledging that there might be an easier, more holistic fix.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know how impactful stress can be on the body and am in no way saying you shouldn’t speak up to your doctor about your own concerns or consider stress as a legitimate cause. I’ve just recently started to realize the importance of being my (your) own health advocate.

For me, that has looked like hours of scouring the internet and self-diagnosing. As much as I’m embarrassed to admit that, it’s completely true and I can’t imagine I’m the only one out there doing this! This is where EverlyWell comes in so perfectly. EverlyWell is a service that provides at-home lab testing that’s easy, affordable and insightful. They have 30+ at-home testing kits for everything from fertility to hormones to thyroid, inflammation, metabolism, food sensitivity and more. Essentially, they allow you the freedom to get real results in the comfort of your own home, no random self-diagnosing required. 🙌🏼

One of the things that has given me quite a lot of confusion lately has been diet and wondering how much what I’m eating is playing a role in my symptoms. In the past, I’ve gone dairy-free, gluten-free, avoided this, taken that…and sometimes I will notice myself feeling better or experiencing less symptoms but I never 100%, without uncertainty, know what’s right for my body—and, more importantly—what foods I’m eating might not be

I’ve considered doing a full-on elimination diet on my own, but that is quite a process, and to be frank—requires some serious dedication, tracking and time that most people just don’t have. As much as a try to track symptoms, I get completely lost and have a hard time following through. That is why I am so thrilled to partner with EverlyWell to take their at-home Food Sensitivity Test to help me through the process.

Maybe I’m in the minority here but I honestly had no idea the extent of the impact food sensitivities could have. I’ve always struggled with stomach issues and have suspected certain foods, but did you know foods can also trigger an immune response that can manifest in physical symptoms like fatigue, migraines, joint pain, headaches, trouble concentrating? 

While I do have some symptoms I’ve also suspected might be hormonal, I thought a food sensitivity test would be a great place to start because I also know the impact the right foods and diet can have on your body—even in balancing your hormones—and I want to make sure I’m creating the best possible environment for my body to thrive. Basically, as someone who experiences many of the above symptoms, I set out to start by finding out if any foods could be in play!

everlywell test

How does EverlyWell work? 

It really is so simple. You head to their site where you can choose from any of their tests, which you then purchase and have delivered to your doorstep. Your kit arrives with everything you need to perform your sample collection at home—bandaids included! It’s actually really adorable. The Food Sensitivity Test requires a blood sample, which I did have my boyfriend physically perform but they truly make it so easy and it was quick and painless. If you’re a rule/instruction follower like me—they lay it ALL out for you. And you only need 5 small drops of blood, it’s really not bad!

You then return your sample via pre-paid shipping to a certified lab and an independent board-certified physician will review your results. Once received and verified, your results will be ready online within a few days! Mine was exactly 3 days from when the lab received my sample.

everlywell food sensitivity test
food sensitivity test

How does the Food Sensitivity Test work? 

This is a blood test that tests your body’s IgG (immunoglobulin) response to 96 foods that are commonly found in our diets. Basically, certain foods can trigger a reaction from your IgG antibodies, which can then manifest in those symptoms listed above plus things like bloating, dry and itchy skin & stomach pain. Your results will tell you if you have a low, mild or high reactivity to those 96 foods. What I really love about EverlyWell’s Food Sensitivity Test is that you don’t just find out if you’re sensitive to “dairy,” it will actually pinpoint the type of dairy, i.e., cows milk, yogurt, cheddar cheese… That’s huge.

everlywell food sensitivity test

My Results…*drumroll*

ALMONDS! Almonds?? I eat almond butter every. single. day, you guys. I’ve been experiencing extreme bloating (like we’re talking food baby bloated) and when I think of my stomach issues, even itchy skin, rashes, etc—I think of dairy, gluten, wheat…the things I’ve eliminated from my diet in the past. I would never in a million years have guessed almonds or any other tree nut might be causing a reaction. But it turns out, almonds are a HIGH reactivity for me. This is the only food listed in my high reactivity category, which gives me a great place to start. The next top 5 that follow are in the mild reactivity category and include green beans, wheat, bakers yeast, cows milk and gluten, which makes sense to me and I do already generally try to avoid gluten and cows milk. Green beans—that’s a new one.

food sensivity
food sensitivity test

Results are in…what now?

To be clear, just because something is listed as having reactivity doesn’t automatically mean you will experience symptoms from consuming it, but it does mean you can consider removing it from your diet to see if your symptoms are alleviated, followed by adding it back in. It’s so fascinating to see my results list almond as a high reactivity, because it gives me a starting point for what could potentially be causing some of my symptoms. And I never would have guessed it on my own.

You can also use your results to try out potential substitutions or identify hidden sources like supplements, sauces, etc. For me, I generally avoid cows milk but you know what my usual substitution is? Almond milk. Moving forward, I can try alternatives like coconut milk to see if this might make a difference. I’m also looking forward to seeing just which symptoms might be coming from my almond consumption, so I can have a clearer picture.

It’s been pretty mind-blowing to me how many women, men, people I’ve had conversations with who experience so many of the symptoms we’ve talked about above. Or just have a general lack of knowledge or answers about their health issues. I think doing a test like this (or any of EverlyWell’s tests) is such an amazing opportunity for self-awareness and care. 

If you have lingering symptoms you can’t explain and suspect food sensitivity is at play—I highly recommend trying out this test as a starting point, so you’re able to more easily pinpoint what may be causing a reaction. I am thrilled to have this knowledge and do plan to try more of their at-home tests.

Promo Code

EverlyWell has so generously provided a coupon code for any of you to use at checkout. You can use code “GOLD” for 15% off.

If you’ve done this test, plan to do this test, or have figured out a food sensitivity on your own—I would LOVE to hear! Was it surprising? Do you suspect you might have a food sensitivity? Let me know if you have any questions at all and I’m more than happy to answer.

As always, thank you so much for reading! I know this was a long one!

x Tyler

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with EverlyWell. All thoughts and opinions remain my own*

30th Birthday Weekend in Napa

napa valley outfit

What better way to spend your birthday than with a weekend getaway in Wine Country? It's a quick trip for me we do often living in the Bay Area but I knew it would still be a special place to celebrate my 30th. Whether you want to relax and pamper or dine and drink wine, Napa Valley has everything you need to make your birthday (or any getaway) a celebration. 

If you’re planning a trip, (whether it’s your 30th or not), or simply hoping to schedule your weekend activities with ease, I highly recommend using Visit Napa Valley. You can utilize their planning guides and pre-planned itineraries or even reach out to their concierge service to create your own complimentary itinerary. At the very least, it's a great way to see all Wine Country has to offer in one place—from hotels to wineries to activities. 

I had my mind set on relaxation and since I've done a lot of wine tasting in Napa Valley, knew I also wanted to find a winery or excursion with a little something extra. We ended up staying at Silverado Resort and Spa for the weekend and when I mentioned we'd have a large group on Saturday, Visit Napa Valley recommended Sterling Vineyards. For a few more of my past favorite wineries, see this post. Below is a breakdown of our Friday-Sunday itinerary with details to follow.

The weekend itinerary:


4:00 pm: Check in at Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa

6:30 pm: Dinner at The Grill at Silverado Resort


12:00 pm: Tasting at Sterling Vineyards, Calistoga

2:30 pm: Lunch at Brix, St. Helena Highway

5:00 pm: Drinks on the Patio Terrace Bar at Silverado Resort

9:00 pm: Late dinner at The Grill at Silverado

Sunday (the birthday): 

9:00 am: In-room breakfast at Silverado Resort

10:00 am: Pool time + Cabana at Silverado Resort

12:00 pm: Facial at The Spa at Silverado Resort

The Hotel

I knew I wanted somewhere with a little bit of everything to offer, somewhere we could enjoy ourselves without even needing to leave, and Silverado Resort and Spa truly exceeded my expectations. If you’re looking for something charming yet grand, elegant and tranquil, luxurious yet retreat-like, it really covers all the bases. Driving up to the resort was a dream. Nestled in the rolling hills of Wine Country, the resort is spread across acres of gorgeous greenery. Whether you're a golfer, prefer to be pampered or want to wine taste into the weekend, there's something to suit you. Prepare to be greeted at the Mansion before checking into one of their distinct neighborhoods. 

silverado resort and spa
silverado resort and spa

We stayed at the Mansion Estates, which felt tucked away and intimate but was still central and made it easy to get around. It felt like we were staying in our own little 1-bedroom bungalow. With a full kitchen and our own side and back patio, it was light and bright and had everything we could need for the weekend. 

silverado resort mansion estates
silverado resort napa
silverado resort and spa room
silverado resort
birthday weekend in napa
silverado resort outdoors

After settling into our room, we meandered out to discover the layout of the resort. We were located right near one of their 10 pools, a quick hop away from their tennis courts, and right to the side of their Wedding Suite and services. Sidenote: The Mansion Garden was breathtaking and if you're looking for a scenic space in Wine Country for your big day, I highly recommend taking a look.

silverado resort mansion garden
silverado resort mansion garden

We popped into their nearby Marketplace and Café which was perfect for grabbing snacks and anything extra we needed. After stocking up on wine, cheese & crackers and salami, we enjoyed our self-made charcuterie plate and a quick drink on our patio overlooking the lush landscape. Truly the perfect way to set the weekend. After that, we had dinner at their restaurant, The Grill. I highly recommend the mussels and grilled artichoke. The restaurant overlooks the golf course and, while I am no golfer, I was told this is *the* place to do it. We ended the evening exploring the gardens and finished with chocolate covered strawberries and in bed and if that's not the perfect day, I don't know what is. 

summer style in napa
silverado resort Grill
silverado resort grill
napa weekend getaway birthday

The Tasting

Saturday morning we had a tasting reservation at Sterling Vineyards in Calistoga. Friends and family met at Silverado and we took a Lyft up to the winery, about half an hour away, but you could just as easily book transportation for a larger group. In the past, I've loved Beau Wine Tours for a bachelorette weekend. As I mentioned, Sterling was the perfect way to wine taste with a little "something extra." When you get to the winery, you start with an aerial tram up to the tasting rooms and overlook. We booked their Silver Experience, which included a seated tasting and self-guided tour. Tip: Give yourself extra time than the allotted 1-hour tour to take in the view.

napa outfit ideas
nest wine tasting in napa
napa wine tasting outfit
napa valley outfit

After our tasting, we headed back down to Napa for lunch at Brix. This was the perfect setting for an outdoor lunch with an expansive view. The gardens and vineyard here were stunning and we sat at a large picnic table on the patio overlooking the orchard. This is a great place to do any gift-giving or to simply sit and relax outdoors for a while. 

lunch ideas in napa valley
lunch in napa valley
where to eat in napa valley
napa valley outfits
napa outfit wine tasting

After lunch, we returned to Silverado Resort to freshen up before drinks at the Mansion Bar. They have the perfect patio that overlooks the golf course. We ended up heading back to our room afterward for another charcuterie plate and chatted into the evening before another late dinner back at The Grill. The resort is so serene and really conducive to meandering from here to there, with easy little indoor/outdoor settings everywhere. You can even enjoy some bocce ball or cornhole. 

The Birthday

With Sunday being my actual birthday, I knew I wanted to wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy a relaxing day. Silverado Resort has a plethora of pools to choose from, which we took advantage of. I think having multiple resort pools created a more peaceful experience, as it wasn't overcrowded on a 90-degree weekend. Whether you take advantage of their cabana or not, there was plenty of room to have your own little private space.

silverado resort pool
white summer bikini
white summer bikini
white bikini and denim shorts

After the pool, I headed to my facial at The Spa. In my opinion, a little self-pampering can go a long way and is a must for any special event or occasion like your birthday. Their spa was the most peaceful setting and they offer plenty of space to relax, whether you book a skin service, massage or spa package. Stop by to enjoy their steam room, garden setting or private pool. Their Signature Facial was both relaxing and rejuvenating and my esthetician was personable, knowledgeable and professional. She took all my notes into account and gave me personal recommendations after the treatment.

silverado resort spa napa

While I was enjoying my facial, my boyfriend enjoyed their driving range, which he said was very affordable and I was told the green at Silverado is "like ice." Needless to say, we both finished off the weekend with something we loved that left us feeling renewed and refreshed. 

napa weekend getaway ideas

Whether you're headed to Wine Country for a birthday weekend, anniversary, girls trip or any getaway, I highly recommend a stay at Silverado Resort and letting Visit Napa Valley help plan your stay, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

As always, thank you for reading and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 


The outfits:

Vici Striped Dress

White Free People Dress

Revolve One Shoulder Top

Ella Moss Bikini

Madewell Lace-Up Sandals

Levi's Shorts

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This post is in collaboration with Silverado Resort and Visit Napa Valley. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Gift Guide - For Home

gift guide for home

Happy holiday season! I can't believe it's already December. This year has flown by and we're back to holiday style posts and gift guides. You guys really enjoyed my Gift Guide for Me, so I wanted to do another one with my Gift Guide for Home. I moved into my new apartment last year and have been slowly but surely filling it with all my favorite things, i.e., making it a home. I feel like I'm in a constant state of having things on 'my list', so I thought it'd be fun to share some of my current favorites/general gift ideas for the home. I hope it's helpful!

A few things on the list? 

Coffee/tea anything! I think I've shared before I was on a tea kick after switching from coffee to green tea a few years ago. Well, I'm back on coffee and have found myself reliant on the coffee station in my apartment complex, morning trips to Starbucks, and most recently, instant coffee packets—which I'm not hating on, sometimes you just need to be caffeinated in an instant. BUT, I think it's time to get my very own big-girl coffee machine again and am absolutely loving copper touches. How cute is this Technivorm Glass Coffee Maker from Williams Sonoma? This Cuisinart Coffee Maker from Sur La Table is also super affordable—i.e., under $100! Don't miss an extra 20% off with code GIFT17. It comes out to just over $70. 

Gifts for the Coffee Lover

I think I've also mentioned how terrible I've been at keeping plants alive. Why I didn't get my grandma's green thumb, I'll never know and still cry about to this day. I've been trying to add more 'fake life' as I like to call it to my apartment and particularly love this cute faux fiddle leaf fig tree. It's so easy to grab some sort of terrain gift for the home and they're so very 'on-trend' that I thought something 'green' would make a great gift.

Gifts for a (not-so)Green Thumb

Moving on to the bar area, I've been wanting to try a wine purifier for a while and thought it would make a great gift. From what I've heard, the sulfites (or preservatives) in wine are what can cause allergic reactions like flushing, congestion, hives, etc and (though I don't think it's proven) maybe headaches. I love wine but do often get that next-day headache even after just one glass. I know organic wines are supposed to help but I've also had my eye on a purifier to filter out the sulfites from any bottle. I thought this could be a great gift for a wino—or someone who wants to be but can't hang, ha!

As always, I also still have a bar cart on my list and I love the classic yet antique-y mix of wood and brass on this Mid-Century Bar Cart from West Elm

Gifts for the Bar Cart

Finally, in the unique/random/miscellaneous category...I've mentioned I'm recently very into candles and used to sort off loathe receiving them but now I'd take 100. Consider giving the gift of a good-smelling home with an electric diffuser—be sure to include a few scented oils! I also thought this Planter Phone Dock was just really cool, unique and most importantly, useful. 

Miscellaneous Home Gifts

Whether these are a gift for a loved one, a white elephant or a gift for you (I won't tell), I think there's something for everyone. What are you still shopping for this season? I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week!

x, Tyler

TruFusion Workout in Vegas

TruFusion Aerial Yoga

Happy Monday, friends! I'm so excited to finally share details from my experience at TruFusion during my trip to Vegas a couple weeks ago. Coming home just a few days before the devastating shooting was such a surreal experience and I've been keeping the city in my thoughts after such a tragedy. 

Heading to Vegas for pretty much my first "blogger trip" was an exciting moment for me but, if I'm being completely honest, it was also really challenging on my self-esteem. Meeting and being around other bloggers is amazing yet I still found myself worrying, stressing and comparing. 

I was worried about what I would wear, how I would look in my workout clothes, how on EARTH I was going to get content while sweating, all on top of just hoping I'd make it through the workouts. I like to consider myself a pretty fit person but my usual workouts have taken a hit this year and I'm used to working out in the comfort of my own home, in front of a fitness instructor on my AppleTV and definitely NOT in front of Alex Rodriquez and Jennifer Lopez. 

As intimidating as the thought was, I feel like it's so important to push yourself and find motivation even in the unknown and I'm so thankful TruFusion got me out of my comfort zone. 

TruFusion Aerial Yoga

We started the day with aerial yoga which was something completely new to me. I was a bit worried about upper-body strength (or lack thereof) and coordination (again, major lack thereof) but it turned out to be my absolute favorite part of the day. I loved getting to learn a few poses and our instructor was amazing. She made me feel completely comfortable and secure with the movements we were doing.

This is a workout I can definitely see being great for stretching and improving flexibility but I also just felt like it was a good stress-reliever and the perfect way to start the day. Have you tried it?

TruFusion Aerial Yoga
TruFusion Aerial Yoga
TruFusion Aerial Yoga
Trufusion Aerial Yoga

Our aerial yoga class lasted about an hour and after that, we had a snack and water break before gearing up for our next class. The TruFusion studio is incredible and they actually have a juice and smoothie bar inside, which was really nice. I filled up with a protein-packed chocolate banana shake and we got to sit down with Alex Rodriguez and hear him talk about his partnership with TruFusion before heading to our boot camp.

Tru Fusion
TruFusion Bootcamp Class

This is the workout we got to do with J.Lo and A-Rod and it's TruFusion's signature bootcamp. When I learned this class was heated, I have to admit I was pretty nervous. A "bootcamp" on its own sounds intimidating but adding heat takes it to a whole new level.

We got to set up our mats with everything we needed for the class (free weights, kettlebell, etc) and waited for the room to pack with people. Did I mention the majority of these people were also backup dancers for J.Lo and Access Hollywood was filming the entire class?? 

As nervous as I know several of us girls were, this class ended up being really awesome and even a lot of fun. The workout itself felt great and was the perfect combination of yoga, pilates, kettlebells and other movements and also incorporated some dance moves to mix it up and keep it fresh and fun. I'm proud to say I finished the class and even kept up but it was also clear that you were perfectly welcome to go at your own pace.

TruFusion Bootcamp

The thing I loved about TruFusion was that it's not a "one trick pony" fitness center. You don't have to only join a yoga studio. Or only sign up for spin class. You're not limited to Barre or Pilates or boot camps. You have it all under one roof and you get to pick and choose what makes sense for you, encouraging you to Find Your Edge. They have over 65 different styles of classes and a membership gets you unlimited access to all of them, so you can mix it up as much as you want.

TruFusion is set to open up new locations next year—including San Francisco!—so I definitely recommend checking them out and taking a peek at some of the classes they offer. I really think it's great for everyone.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

xx, Tyler

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Minted Gallery Wall

Minted Art Styling Gallery Wall
Minted Gallery Wall Art Styling Service
Gallery Wall Home Decor
Minted Gallery Wall
Neutral Home Decor
Neutral Home Decor Inspiration

I'm so excited to finally reveal my gallery wall with Minted! Putting the finishing touches on my new apartment has been a process and while I'm not very patient, it's also something I haven't wanted to rush. I've had bare walls in my living room for almost six months and I'm so happy to finally have the perfect backdrop for the space.

For the past few months, I had been debating exactly what I wanted to do with the wall above my sofa—one large statement piece, a few medium pieces, gallery wall, etc. Creating a gallery wall was the most exciting to me but it was also the most daunting. How do you know what sizes will fit and mix and match well? How will everything be placed together? Colors, canvas size, matting, etc—I got overwhelmed thinking about starting the task.

I've always known about Minted and have frequently perused their site and even followed some of the artists they feature. When I had the opportunity to try out their new Art Styling Service, I knew it was the perfect way to go. 

What is Minted's Art Styling Service?

This is so cool. Minted offers personal art styling where you work with an Art Stylist to curate a selection just for you and your home. Essentially, you take a quiz to help them understand your style, upload photos of your space and you're paired with a Stylist who creates custom renderings based on your personal preferences.

You actually send a photo of the wall you want to have styled and they send back photoshopped concepts with the art in place, which really helps with the visualization process and final decision making. Any other indecisive ones out there? The service starts at just $79, you give them your budget for the project and basically—it's amazing. 

I have to be honest, I'm just a little bit crazy (picky) and the idea of someone else creating something for my home made me a bit nervous. I didn't want to feel like I did not have a hand in creating my gallery wall but that wasn't the case at all! My Stylist began with renderings for two concept options based on my preferences and I was blown away by how well she nailed my style. 

My Stylist would send a rendering and was incredibly receptive to my questions and concerns and was happy to work with me to make adjustments until I was completely satisfied. It's also SO fun to get your own little pdf of renderings back and see how the artwork looks in your own space. Below is my final mockup that I approved.

Minted Art Styling Room Mockup

One thing that also made it incredibly helpful was the hanging instructions. You give them the dimensions of your wall in the very beginning and at the end you receive instruction on how to hang everthing, which was SO helpful. 

Minted Art Styling Hanging Instructions
Gallery Wall Hanging Instructions
Minted Gallery Wall

I feel so happy to finally have my little space come together and love how stress-free the process was thanks to Minted. If you have a space you're looking to have styled, I highly recommend looking into their Styling Service. Hassle and stress-free are my favorite ways to be and it's so amazing to see the final product come together in your home. 

Thanks for reading! 

xx, Tyler

Minted Gallery Wall

Home Decor

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Bachelorette Weekend in Napa and San Francisco

My dress:  Forever 21 . My sisters dress:  SheIn . My shoes:  Nordstrom . 

My dress: Forever 21. My sisters dress: SheIn. My shoes: Nordstrom

Maid of Honor duty is no joke. I am very happy to be my sister's MOH and planning her bachelorette party was a lot of fun, but also incredibly stressful and I'm sure a lot of you who have been there (or are currently there!) can relate. From finding venues to coordinating schedules and fine-tuning itineraries, there's a lot that goes into creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. I can't even begin to imagine the stress that goes into planning the actual wedding!

When I first started planning, we had toyed with the idea of taking a trip somewhere—Vegas, San Diego, etc.—but since she is having a destination wedding in Mexico, we decided to keep it local to San Francisco with a day trip to Napa included and it ended up being the perfect bachelorette weekend. 

Honestly, a lot of my initial stress came from figuring out the best way to get to Napa Valley from San Francisco, which wineries we'd go to, how many to choose, where to go for lunch...and so on. I ended up coming across Beau Wine Tours and reached out to them and am so, so happy I did. Honestly, they took so much of my planning stress off the table and pretty much took care of every little detail, allowing me to actually enjoy my time in Napa Valley with my sister. 

I knew we had to get a group of 11 girls to Napa from San Francisco and that a private tour would feel a little more special, so upon recommendation, I booked a 12-passenger Executive Van with Beau Wine Tours. I worked with Rose and Lauren who both were so helpful in providing tips and recommendations for the best wineries for our group. They helped with every little detail. I mentioned I wanted to keep it as economical as possible since all the girls were already spending money to fly to Mexico for the wedding. They were very receptive to that and were able to find us some amazing wineries that fit our needs without astronomical tasting fees.

After working with Beau Wine Tours to plan our day-trip to Napa, I booked our hotel in San Francisco at Hotel Union Square which was very convenient. Friday night before our wine tour, we had dinner at Waterfront on the Embarcadero before drinks and dancing at another bar. 

Saturday morning, Beau picked us up at our hotel to take us to Napa Valley and back, which was the 8-hour day we planned. Beau had emailed me the day before our tour to let me know our driver was James, who then called me to make sure we had our itinerary squared away. He was wonderful and made sure we knew everywhere we needed to be and when we had to leave each winery. Basically, every detail was thought out for us.

We ended up going to three wineries and had a pre-planned lunch that James picked up for us. Below is a breakdown of our 8-hour itinerary for your reference. The great thing is that Beau Wine Tours provided us with timing estimates, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. 


Pick Up: 9:00 am at SF hotel. We stayed in the Penthouse at Hotel Union Square and it was perfect!

Stop: Domaine Chandon Napa, CA

10:00 am: Pre-scheduled Pickup for deli lunch at Yountville Deli. Beau to deliver lunch to White Hall Lane while girls are at Domaine Chandon

Stop: 12:00 pm lunch and tasting at White Hall Lane, St. Helena, CA

Stop: V. Sattui Winery St. Helena, CA

Drop Off: 5:00 pm at SF Hotel

Our first stop was Domaine Chandon and, since it's on the expensive side, Beau Wine Tours suggested purchasing a few bottles instead of scheduling a tasting. We ended up buying two bottles of rosé and then headed outside to the patio to have our own little tasting. Beau provided an ice bucket and plastic champagne flutes on the van, so we had already begun drinking and starting our first tasting day with champagne (sparkling wine) was perfect. 

The grounds at Domaine Chandon were stunning and it's such a wonderful place to relax and take in the scenery. You can grab your glass and walk around with it and I loved starting somewhere so breathtaking. It was also quite nice not to have the structure of an official tasting right off the bat. All the girls wanted a mini photo session with this vine wall as the perfect backdrop and we had plenty of time to ourselves to do that. 

I think we could have stayed at Domaine Chandon all day, but James picked us up and we headed to our next tasting appointment, which was scheduled for noon. James made sure to let us know exactly what time we'd need to leave in order to make it to the next winery, which was beyond helpful. We were able to step off the tour bus with every girl knowing the plan. 

Our next stop was Whitehall Lane Winery in St. Helena. Beau recommended I pre-order sandwiches from Yountville Deli, which James picked up for us while we were tasting at Domaine Chandon. When we arrived at Whitehall Lane we had a picnic lunch at this farm table and our sandwiches were all laid out and waiting for us. I was genuinely blown away by this. I don't know why I wasn't expecting that, but it was so, so appreciated and was the perfect touch to make the day feel special. We had our tasting with Whitehall Lane as we ate lunch and it was incredibly relaxing, serene and intimate.

Honestly, Whitehall Lane was by far my favorite winery for the atmosphere. It was the prettiest setting and we had this whole backyard to ourselves, which made the day feel a bit more special and unique. We walked through their cellar, picked our own grape (yes, one) to taste, laughed like crazy and all-in-all had a really great time. The staff was incredibly accommodating and didn't mind when we got up to take 500 photos either. This is very important for a bachelorette party!

Our last stop of the day was at V. Sattui, which was really cool and casual and one of the wineries on the lower end of price. We didn't make an appointment at this one, which was perfect because not everyone even ended up wanting to taste. Those who did want to taste paid the $15 tasting fee for a six glass tasting, which was very reasonable and I loved the wine.

There were plenty of tables outside to relax on where a bunch of girls snacked on post-lunch treats we picked up from DEAN & DELUCA, which I'm obsessed with and is right across from V. Sattui. You may have seen my snap about the bacon spread. Oh my god, the bacon spread. Out of all the wineries, V. Sattui definitely has the most lively, young feel.

Overall, it was truly the perfect Napa bachelorette party experience. My sister thoroughly enjoyed the day, we all experienced Napa Valley and everyone was so impressed with our itinerary and the attention to detail. Beau Wine Tours took care of everything and I was able to enjoy the day without having to think about every little scheduling detail. If you're planning a trip to the Napa Valley, I highly recommend scheduling a tour with Beau Wine Tours to have someone help plan your special day—at least once! It really makes all the difference. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find this helpful in planning your own trip!

x Tyler

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*I received a discount from Beau Wine Tours in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.