Everything You Need to Know About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 + Sneak Peeks

Everything You Need To Know About The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 + Sneak Peeks | www.girlmeetsgold.com

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog

My #Nsale Favorites + Classic Picks Post

What Is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

This yearly, one-of-a-kind sale (the #Nsale) comes with some major hype. For a few select weeks during the summer, Nordstrom offers new fall fashion (in addition to summer favorites) on major sale. You'll want to take advantage of this sale if you're looking to get a head start on your fall and winter wardrobe, make a few key investment purchases or if you simply love a great deal on home, fashion and beauty.

When Is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

This year, Early Access for cardholders is from Friday, July 12th at 12:30pm EST - July 19th. You can shop Early Access if you’re a Nordstrom Cardholder, which I do highly recommend. Public access to The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be July 19, 2019-August 4, 2019. Nordy Club Icons and Ambassadors can shop online starting July 11th. Prices go up August 5th!

#Nsale Tips and Strategy

I would be lying if I said there wasn’t an extreme amount of hype around this sale. For that reason, items really do sell out fast. Yet—my biggest tip is ironically not to stress trying to grab everything you see. I’ll admit I’ve gotten caught up in the mentality of “everyone’s buying this, so I need to buy this” but the past couple years, I’ve shifted. I’m no longer frantically looking through every category. I know what items my closet needs and that’s how I shop the sale.

Prioritize Your Shopping Needs

Browsing the entire sale can get overwhelming very quickly, so it’s nice to have a focus. I like to start the sale having a clear picture of what I want or need. I suggest going through your own closet (mentally or literally) and making note of what you’re lacking or what you’d like to invest in. Personally, I love grabbing a pair of new, high-quality jeans on sale and chic, everyday flats are another of the first things I look for. Maybe you’re looking for a great pair of everyday booties for the fall and winter season. Or you need a new work bag, sneakers or staple sweaters. Whatever the case is for you—start there!

Last year, I bought my favorite grey duster cardigan I honestly throw on at least a couple times a week, no matter the season. It’s truly a staple for me. A few years ago, I picked up my first pair of designer black booties and they’re still in rotation in my closet. It’s a great opportunity to invest in these key wardrobe staples.


My 2018 #NSALE BUYS above

Browse categories based on what your closet needs most.

Here are a few of the main categories I like to take advantage of: denim, bags, shoes, sweaters, outerwear. I usually start with the anchor pieces (like denim, shoes or a new bag that goes with everything), then move on to sweaters, tops (I usually look for date night or work tops) and outerwear, followed by beauty and accessories.

More Sale Tips

  • I prefer to purchase everything online and utilize their curbside or in-store pickup option when available. That way, I can buy online without the hassle and they usually have dressing rooms added to the order pickup section, so it's easy to quickly try-on items if needed.

  • Don't be afraid to place multiple orders! I love Nordstrom because of their free shipping which means I never feel like I'm wasting money or sitting on my cart to wait to ship multiple items together.

  • Things sell out very quickly, so I like to snag items I know I want, then do another round to make sure I didn't miss anything or to grab things that came back in stock. Items that sell of quickly are BP., Topshop + Barefoot Dreams cardigans, Nike sneakers, pullover sweaters.

  • Don’t hesitate to grab multiple sizes, so you can keep what works and easily send back what doesn’t. Again—free shipping!

  • Think beyond clothing! Don’t forget to check out the home department!

A Few Sneak Peeks I’m Loving From The #NSale

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Elevated Essentials

You can see more of my #nsale posts from previous years HERE and I welcome you to come back and shop with me when the sale starts! I will be sharing items I love, what I’m buying, try-ons, shopping guides and more throughout the sale.

As always, thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions via email or Instagram DM.

xx Tyler

A Few More Summer Favorites

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Early Access

One of my absolute favorite sales ever, ever, ever is here and I wanted to share the details with you in case you're not familiar. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is definitely the best of the year. It's when Nordstrom releases new fall merchandise at a discounted price for a limited amount of time. To my knowledge, it's one of the only sales where you get to shop NEW pieces at a discount and one of my favorite sales to take advantage of. Your most coveted designer items—Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, Cole Haan, Theory—at seriously steals. 

What dates do I need to know? 

Early access to the sale is available to Nordstrom cardholders (either credit or debit) and if you're not one, I highly recommend it. I have a Nordstrom Debit Card, which is just a rewards card that links directly to your personal bank account, but still allows you to reap the amazing benefits that Nordstrom has to offer—like getting a $20 Nordstrom note with every $100 you spend. Honestly, it's the best. You can read more details and sign up here. As I mentioned, if you're signed up you also get early access to the sale. Cardholders can shop the sale from July 14th-21st, while the sale officially opens to the public on July 22nd. Sale ends August 7th! 

How should I prepare for the #NSale?

Now is the time to start thinking ahead to your fall wardrobe. I love summer clothes, but this is the sale that gets me crazy excited for fall. Take a peek at your wardrobe or think of what you were lacking last season. Last year, my biggest purchase was a pair of black suede Cole Haan booties (shown above) and I swear they will be my forever pair. I knew my biggest need was a nice pair of booties that I could dress up or down for every occasion, so that's what I splurged on. And when I say splurge, I mean a $300 pair of boots at 40% off. So they were definitely still a steal even splurging. If you found yourself lusting over designer handbags last season—this is your best opportunity to snag one of your very own. I'll be continuing to post throughout the sale and I'm also adding my faves to the Shop tab on my blog. 

x Tyler

Best of Shoes: 

Best of Accessories: 

Best of Clothing: 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Last Minute Roundup

Welp, it's officially the final weekend to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which means prices are about to go up, up, UP! I decided to do a final roundup to see if there was anything I missed and well--there was. And kind of a lot. THESE GOLD SHOES for example?!? WHAT?? I kind of might HAVE TO HAVE THEM and think the metallic will be perfect to finish out summer and take into fall.

I'm forever loving blush tones and neutrals and just about everyone snagged this tunic, which I'm really loving in the color "pink hush," Gorgeous to take into fall, as well. Paired with white skinnies now and black skinnies later. Loving it. If you're looking for a new faux leather jacket, this one is available at an amazing price aka less than $64! SO perfect over the tunic!! This cute tee is also available in 20 colors for only $15.90! Both of the booties I snagged are also still in stock and I love, love, love them both. I grabbed these ones in black and these in chocolate leather, which is really more of a grey in person. 

I hope you all found some pieces you love and if you haven't yet--make sure to take advantage before the prices go up, which is Monday, August 3rd!!

Happy shopping!




Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Round 2

How is everyone faring in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?? So far I've only snagged a new pair of booties (top left in the main image above) but I'm rounding up my next must-haves. I knew I had to snag a pair of boots, because they're my biggest staple and I know I'll get tons of wear out of them this fall and winter. And I'm honestly so obsessed with them I can't stop trying them on. Now I'm currently coveting denim and a gorgeous selection of tops. I'm loving that I can pair any of these tops with shorts and sandals now and they will definitely take me into fall. Classic and neutral staples in my book. That white top is actually chambray and I think it's kind of a must have and I'm REALLY eyeing the vest, so I'm thinking it might be coming home with me, as well.

Sale is officially open to the public starting Friday, July 17th!! 

Happy shopping!