Look for Less: Celine Sunnies x Lola Accessory Boutique

I have always been super frugal with sunglasses. I probably shouldn't be, because they're kind of the only accessory that is health related, ie: that whole eye protection thing, but the amount of times I've lost or broken a pair is (sadly and embarrassingly) too much to count. So, for the most part I've stuck with pairs under $20. I finally splurged on a pair of Ray-Ban's last year and they've become my most trusted classic pair, but I literally have almost lost them three times already, so I've been on the lookout for another pair that wouldn't make me hate myself if I accidentally stepped on them. Know what I mean or am I the only one that's ever stepped on multiple pairs of sunglasses? Chewed by a dog maybe? Yea...that's fun too. 

So anyway, I had been wanting a pair that are a bit more trendy and unique, but still super classic and have always loved these Celine sunnies. 



But at $197 (and that's heavily discounted on Amazon!) I was not about to shell out for them anytime soon. HOWEVER, I've found the most perfect dupe from Lola Accessory Boutique and I am beyond happy with them. The quality is great and they're a really comfortable fit. I love the tortoise shell, but they also have them in 3 other colors--black, burgundy, and black/tortoise. They are the Audrey Oversized Sunglasses and you can find them here. At $20 they really are a steal and a great way to get the Celine look for less! 

Thanks for reading!