ittsē Cosmetics

I think this might be my first official beauty post on the blog and I'm excited to be talking about a fun new cosmetics company, ittsē! They're a San Francisco based cosmetics brand and being from the Bay Area I was instantly excited to see their line. 

I'm a bit of a product snob and tend to have my go-to's that I swear by, but I'm also VERY swayed by cute packaging and will almost always want anything that looks pretty, cute, fun, etc.. And I can honestly say that ittsē has some of the most adorable packaging I've ever seen. It's fun and playful and their whole site features a cute little depiction of "ittsē," a chic and stylish girl with a chic and stylish customizable makeup palette to get her through the days events. Honestly, it's the most unique cosmetics site I've ever seen and it transfers over into the adorable packaging, as well. All of the pigments come packaged separately and I had so much fun opening them up and putting them in my palette. I chose the crisp white palette. This is a random thing to like, but it has a "dust shield" that's built in--as in it doesn't go flying on the floor when you open it up. Does that ever happen to anyone else??

Ok, so I was automatically swayed by the packaging, but another thing I really love is that the whole line is fully customizable. You start with a palette to house all of your pretty products. Shadows, brow powder and complexion, ie: blush, bronzer, illuminator. Instead of picking and choosing my own, I ended up going with one of their Curated Collections. I got the Soft & Sultry Collection and it's such a gorgeous mix of...well--soft and sultry hues. It includes matte and pearl shades in pretty neutrals that I knew I would get the most wear out of. The colors are all highly pigmented, velvety soft, and oh-so-blendable. They're rich and vivid and even crease-resistant. My favorite might be "Tan Lines," which is a pearly, pinky bronze color that mimics a sun-kissed glow. The perfect summer color for sure. I haven't gotten a chance to try, but I know you can use them wet, as well, and it would look gorgeous with one of the matte colors smudged on the lash line. The cheek color is called "Premiere," and it's another one of those must-haves for summer. A bright and rosy coral that apparently compliments all skin tones and I can definitely see how it would. It's that perfect summer flush. I hope you can tell from my color swatches, but all of them really are gorgeous. 

So, here's how it works--straight from ittsē! If you're interested in starting your own palette you can use code "girlmeetsgold20" for 20% off! Woop! Let me know what you think if you do!


Step 1 – The Palette:

This is where you hold your customized ittsē collections. The Palette is sold separately, with one magnetic compartment that will securely hold your ittsē refill products. The Palette comes in a variety of the season’s hottest colors so you can express your own unique style.

Step 2 – ittsē Refill Products:

Choose from over 100 velvety, vivid shadows, brow powder and complexion refill products to create your own customized collections. ittsē also offers Curated Collections: expertly designed, complete collections that take the guess-work out of filling your Palette with the perfect combination of ittsē products. You can also choose from a variety of Eye Shadow Quads, comprised of complementary mattes, pearls and sparkles that makes it easy to get that perfect ittsē look.

ittsē refill products are magnetic and are held securely in The Palette’s magnetic compartment.

They come to you individually packaged in a convenient, clear clamshell wrapped in an adorable cardboard sleeve.

Step 3 – Customize!

When assembling The Palette, play with different layouts and color combinations to get inspiration for new and unexpected looks.

The Palette can hold different combinations of products:
12 Shadows or Brow Powders
9 Shadows or Brow Powders + 2 Complexions
5 Shadows or Brow Powders + 4 Complexions
6 Complexions

Don't forget to use code "girlmeetsgold20" for 20% off! Thanks for reading!