An Easy Go-To Outfit Formula for Spring and Summer

An Easy Go-To Outfit Formula for Spring and Summer

You know those outfits you throw on and feel instantly good, instantly like yourself? Every woman has one. Your go-to outfit formula. It can be anything from your favorite comfy dress, a great blazer or those jeans that fit just right. For me, it’s always some version of jeans and a white tee. My effortless outfit combination—always.

To start, these Levi’s 501 jeans are “mom jeans” that are actually flattering. 👏🏼High waisted, true denim feel, light wash. These are the lived-in, relaxed jeans you’ll love and there’s something about the silhouette that just makes any outfit feel instantly casual-chic. I think the distressing on these combined with the light wash lends to the perfectly casual feel. There’s something about this was that just screams effortless and I always reach for light over dark when I want that vibe. They truly pair so perfectly with everything from flats to sandals to sneakers to heels. I wear these for everything from weekend to dog walks to date night.

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Spring and Summer Shoe Staples

Spring and Summer Shoe Staples |

Loafers: ONE | TWO | THREE Pointed Toe Flats: ONE | TWO | THREE Mules: ONE | TWO | THREE Slides: ONE | TWO | THREE Heeled Sandals: ONE | TWO | THREE

With spring in the air and summer here before we know it, here are the shoe staples to help take you through the seasons.


For desk to dinner (and everything in between), a loafer is truly a classic wardrobe staple you can take from the office to the weekend with ease. You can wear a loafer with trousers or denim in any style but they look great with straight leg styles for a menswear inspired look and feel. A loafer can often require the most breaking in, so I recommend looking for styles that have memory foam if you plan to do a lot of walking in them. This pair, for instance, has been wonderful for me—absolutely no break-in period required. There are also several loafers that convert into a mule!


After too many years despising this not-at-all “old lady” style, the pointed toe flat has to be my personal preference. Why? Because a pointed toe creates instant length. If you want to feel taller, have your legs look longer and make any outfit look crazy chic, a pointed toe should be your go-to. The most feminine of all the flats, these can help give a looser denim style (like a boyfriend jean) a little more structure, whereas a rounded toe can sometimes make an outfit feel—for lack of a better word—dumpy! A slingback style is also the perfect way to merry a flat with my second favorite—the mule!


Aka the flat with no back! This versatile style is perfect to take you all the way through summer. Equal parts stylish and breezy, they’re easy to slip on and look great with denim, dresses and even more casual outfits like shorts. Think of them like the close-toed version of a sandal. A mule or slide is the effortless style you’ll want to slip into in the warmer months—when you still need to hide your toes.


Swap your everyday flip flops with this sandal—the slide—for an instant update to your summer style. A slide sandal gives your feet a bit more coverage and I personally find them incredibly comfortable in comparison. These are great to throw on with denim, dresses and shorts and are a must-have for vacation. It’s also easier to find slide sandals with a little more support than your average flip flop. This brand walked me all over Mexico last year and took me through summer with comfort and ease. I will never stop raving about them! I plan to purchase backups!


If you’re someone who feels pain even at the thought of heels, a low-heeled sandal with a block heel is a must in your wardrobe. You’ll want to have this style on-hand for spring events like Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduation parties, weddings and more! Tip: look for one in a neutral tone that most closely matches your skin tone for a leg-lengthening effect. Bonus—they’ll go with everything! Dresses in every color, from maxis to midis to minis. This pair from Madewell is my personal favorite!

Tell me—what’s your favorite style for spring?

As always, thank you so much for reading!

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Sole Serum


True story. My favorite ankle boots hurt my feet, but I don't even care, because they're my favorite ankle boots. I might have bought them a half size too small, but I really *had* to have them. Don't even get me started on heels. I'm a major wimp. Those killer heels I also *had* to have are also a major pain in my...feet. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we've all got at least ONE pair of shoes (heels, boots, flats, or otherwise) that lead to some major foot pain by the end of the day. Typically, I'll start moaning and groaning, go to sleep with achey feet, wake up, and do it all over again, because yes, I love my boots THAT MUCH. And while I'm not an everyday heels kinda girl, I do love dressing up, but the idea of being in stilettos for a whole day is truly a scary thought.

Well NOW I have Sole Serum and it really is a lifesaver. Foot saver? It's a silky smooth serum that you massage into your feet when you feel pain, but you can also use it preemptively. It's super soft and soothing, smells amazing, and within minutes the pain and aches are gone. You can sit back and relax, or throw your shoes back on and go on with your day. Seriously, sometimes even just standing in these boots for half an hour hurts my feet and being able to slip them back on with no aches is an amazing feat. I can only imagine the power this would have in the hands (and on the feet) of an avid heel wearer. It gives me confidence that even this major heel-wimp can tackle a day in a killer pair. If you've ever complained about foot pain, or are one to steer clear of heels out of foot pain fear, give it a try! Your feet will thank you. 

Check out my picks below for my current lust-have shoes that I can safely say I can conquer with Sole Serum.

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