Freshen, Buff, and Blister Blocker c/o The Solemates. Flats: Steve Madden. and Franco Sarto (see links below)

Freshen, Buff, and Blister Blocker c/o The Solemates. Flats: Steve Madden. and Franco Sarto (see links below)

I don't know about you, but shoe care is generally not something I think about too often. Well, that's a lie. I think about it a lot when I look down and see my scuffed, yellowing leather boots, and my less than shiny "new" flats. So let me change that. Shoe care is generally not something I DO something about. And I don't know why. As women we change our shoes often, DAILY, and undoubtedly deal with wear and tear, unsightly scuffs, and worse--blisters, odor, etc. So, I finally did something about it thanks to The Solemates. A shoe care line created for women, by women. I loved hearing from one of the co-founders that they created the line when they noticed that shoe care products geared "to women" were so clearly made by men. That's when I realized WHY I hadn't been taking care of my shoes! There wasn't anything!

The first thing I was really excited to try was their Shoe Buff. Honestly, one of my favorite pairs of leather investments have looked horrendous for ages. Their Buff is super easy to use. You just...well, buff...with a sponge and with a few short strokes I was AMAZED at the difference. Seriously, check out the photo below. WHY did I not do this sooner?!

Before and After Using Solemates Buff.

Before and After Using Solemates Buff.

So the other two products I was really excited about are the Blister Blocker and Freshen. If you know me or follow along on my Instagram, you've probably noticed that I almost solely wear flats. All day. Every day. Flats, flats, flats. And some flats I can wear cute little lace socks with and some I just, well can't. And that means blisters--ow--and maybe more importantly (or at least more embarrassingly)--odor and just a general un-fresh feeling after a day in them with no socks. I mean, it can't just be me, right? So anyway, their Freshen is a mist that you spray in your shoes and it leaves a fresh baby powder scent that "eliminates all that gross bacteria to keep your toes smelling sweet!" My verdict: Totally works! I don't know if it's just me, but it even seemed to help keep my feet feeling dry. Win!

So, finally I got their Blister Blocker and I'm totally excited about this one too, because flats + no socks = blisters. It's a simple little balm that you rub on to reduce friction and prevent blisters. I'm particularly excited to use it when I break in a new pair of flats, which will hopefully be soon, because I need (want) new flats. This one is actually not available right now, but if you head to their site you can add your email to be notified when it is and I think it should only be a couple weeks! 

So, The Solemates get two thumbs (or feet haha I think I'm delirious) up! Oh! And fun fact to finish with. They actually created the line after they invented The High Heeler. It's a little plastic guard that you pop on heels to prevent them from sinking into grass/getting stuck in wooden decks, etc. Very cool!

Thanks for reading and if you try them out, let me know!