Eye Buy Direct Review

Shop the Look Below. Glasses:  Eye Buy Direct  c/o. Top: J. Crew. (Linked similar styles)

Shop the Look Below. Glasses: Eye Buy Direct c/o. Top: J. Crew. (Linked similar styles)

When I was a kid I used to close my right eye and wonder why my left eye was so blurry. I mean, not blurry-blurry and it was never enough that I didn't pass (is that what you say?) my vision tests, BUT it was enough to make me play this "close one eye and look at everything around the room with my slightly unclear eye" game. Which I'm not gonna lie, was oddly entertaining for me.

It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I actually went to an optometrist and it turns out I have slight astigmatism in my left eye. I ended up with very low prescription glasses and my first week of trying them felt very weird, but also very CLEAR! I was honestly amazed how much clearer things looked. Glasses: they really help your eyes, who knew? Sadly, my glasses-wearing phase didn't last.

In the last couple years, though, I've noticed my eyes feeling more and more strained, especially working at my computer all day. I recently got a new pair of glasses from Eye Buy Direct to help. I was really excited that not only do they have my prescription but also "Eyezen" which protects and provides comfort from digital screens AND can help reduce eye strain and improve sleep! Totally needed. I got the Prism Tortoise Frames

Not only do they have eyeglasses, but they also have sunglasses, which you can get with or without a prescription. Do any of you wear glasses? If you DO (or even if you don't and you just want a new pair of sunglasses), Eye Buy Direct is offering 20% off your purchase with code "gold20." The code is good through March of 2017 AND I just saw that their Cyber Monday BOGO deal is still going on through 11/30, so it's a great time to snag a new pair. 

P.s. I'm writing this now with my super cool new glasses on and when I close my right eye, my left eye is like..way clear. Which is awesome and just what glasses are for—yay!

x Tyler